Summer Driving Safety Tips

Everyone has a role to play to ensure that our streets and highways remain among the safest in the world.  Police are doing their part this summer with an ongoing program of enforcement and education and urge that all road users make safety their top priority. 

Motorists are reminded to:

  • Plan ahead, allowing plenty of time to reach your destination.  Summer traffic flow can be heavy especially around long weekends.  Try to drive at off-peak times.

  • Be courteous of others

  • Remain alert…focus on the driving task and reduce distractions.  Have a passenger attend to young children

  • Ensure everyone is wearing seatbelts/ child safety seats

  • Drive only when sober

  • Ensure you have had enough rest before setting out on an extended trip

  • Obey rules of the road and drive for conditions

  • Have your vehicle properly maintained, as well as any trailers/boats you may be towing

  • Check your fuel gauge regularly

  • Prepare for emergencies- carry a cell phone to call for help if your vehicle breaks down.  Pull completely off the travelled portion of the road.

  • Carry extra food and water in the event of long traffic delays

  • Keep a selection of current maps handy in the event you need to change routes

  • Upon arrival at your destination- remove all valuables and secure your vehicle. 

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