Traffic Initiatives / Programs

radar-2013w.jpgThe Traffic Specialist Unit conducts a number of programs throughout the year in order to educate the public in regards to new legislation, safe driving habits, monthly traffic projects and high complaint areas.

New Traffic Laws

Information on new traffic laws can be found on the top right cormer of this page.  From time to time items of interest will be posted there in an effort to educate and explain new legislation to the members of our community. 

Traffic Initiatives

By educating the public and creating awareness to the many traffic complaints and high collision areas our hope is to create safer drivers on our city roads.

By keeping the public informed of our projects and complaint areas we will showcase the efforts made to make our roads safer.

The following will be designated as our monthly traffic projects. These projects will be communicated to the public through media releases and the traffic portion of the Cornwall Community Police Service website.


January 2015 – Windshield & Plate Obstructions\Tinted Windows

Officers will conduct strict enforcement of vehicles being operated with frosted or obstructed windshields and plates. Officers will also conduct strict enforcement on tinted windows. Officers will target vehicles with plate covers, dirty plates, obstructed windshields and tinted front and passenger windows.              

February 2015 – Equipment Safety Check
Officers will target unsafe motor vehicles. Officers will conduct strict enforcement of vehicles being operated with improper equipment such as, headlights, rear lights, licence plate lights, identification lights, horns, Tires, Brakes, etc… 

March 2015 - Sign Violations
Officers will conduct strict enforcement of sign violations. Stop signs, yield signs, no turn signs, no u turn, etc.

April 2015 – Annual Seat Belt Safety Blitz
Officers will conduct strict enforcement of all occupant restraint systems, including child restraint systems with a zero tolerance approach. 

May 2015 (13 May – 19 May) – National Road Safety Week
Canada Safety Council’s annual awareness campaign focuses on behaviors that put drivers, passengers and other road users most at risk: impaired driving, driver distractions, aggressive driving, and seat belt use by all persons inside the vehicle. Officers will enforce these violations with a zero tolerance approach. This National Road Safety Campaign runs from the 13 May 2015 – 19 May 2015.

June 2015 - Document Verification/Ride Bicycle on Sidewalk
Operation “All in Order” will be conducted by officers ensuring all drivers have the proper documentation for their motor vehicles and ensuring vehicles registration is up to date. Checks will be conducted of ownership, insurance, licence plates, driver’s licenses etc… Officers will conduct strict enforcement of cyclists disobeying the City of Cornwall By-law of Ride Bicycle on sidewalk.

July 2015 – Distracted Drivers
Officers will conduct strict enforcement of distracted drivers. Officers will be enforcing violations in relation to using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, GPS violations, and entertainment devices.

August 2015 – Speed Enforcement
Officers will conduct strict enforcement of speeding violations in high collision areas and areas throughout the city.

September 2015 – School Safety Blitz

Students will be starting school and the best way to start the year off right is to strictly enforce school zone violations and school bus violations. Officers will target school zones and school bus violations for the safety of students, with a zero tolerance approach. Officers will also be enforcing bicyclist on the sidewalk.

October 2015 (10 October – 13 October) – Operation Impact
Operation impact is a national campaign targeting aggressive drivers, drunk drivers and seatbelt violations. Ride programs will be out during the Thanksgiving weekend.  This National Road Safety Campaign runs from noon on the 9 October 2015 – Midnight on the 12 October 2015.

November 2015 – Intersection Safety Month
Officers will conduct strict enforcement of intersection related violations, such as improper turns, failing to stop for amber lights, failing to stop for red lights and stop sign violations.

December 2015 – Impaired Driving
It is the holiday season and we will be having several RIDE programs. Officer will strictly enforce impaired driving laws as well as any alcohol related offences. The Cornwall Community Police Service applies for a yearly grant from the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services to conduct RIDE programs. Such funding will assist with the enforcement of Impaired Driving.

Note: Monthly projects are subject to change based on the immediate needs of the community.


R.I.D.E. (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere)

Ride PhotoThe R.I.D.E. Program was developed by the Metro Toronto Police in the mid 1980 and was known as "Reduce Impaired Driving in Etobicoke". It was eventually adopted by all Ontario Police Services and modified to mean "Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere".

The Cornwall Community Police Service operates R.I.D.E. roadside checks throughout the year. Vehicles are stopped and drivers are questioned about the possible consumption of alcohol. The program is a high profile and very visible reminder to drivers that they stand a good chance of being stopped if they have been drinking and driving. Since its inception, the incidence of impaired drivers stopped at R.I.D.E. checkpoints has decreased, in accordance to national statistics that show that the general populace has adopted a much more responsible attitude to this serious problem.

A mock vehicle collision scene is pictured above. The event was staged for 300 graduating students from a local high school and narrated by police, fire and paramedics in order to educate the students on the reality of a collision involving an impaired driver.

During this event, we also talk to them about making smart healthy lifestyle choices and the consequences of making a bad choice.

Our message is simple, IF YOU DRINK, DON'T DRIVE!!



Speed trailerThe Cornwall Community Police Service was the proud recipient of a Galaxy Radar Message Trailer (RT-50) donated to the Service by the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall in April, 2005.

The Galaxy Radar Message Trailer allows our Traffic Unit to monitor the speed of motorists in strategically placed areas of our community where we have either received complaints with regards to speeding or in known hot spots where speeding is a common occurrence.

Areas such as these will benefit from the deployment of the Galaxy Radar Message Trailer as motorists will be notified via the flashing electronic display message board when they are speeding. Studies have shown that motorists will reduce their speed to the legal limit when notified that they are speeding, thus creating a safer environment for all motorists and pedestrians alike.

Traffic safety is a major concern for our Service and members of our community. Motorists often do not realize that they are speeding and are pre-occupied at times, this device will help to remind individual motorists that they are creating a huge safety concern by speeding.

The Galaxy Radar Message Trailer can be easily transported to any location where excessive speeding creates a safety risk: school zones, neighbourhood throughways and high-accident areas.

We thank the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall for their generosity and concern for community safety. In partnership with the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall we move one step closer to providing our community with "A Safer Cornwall".

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